Crystal has honed her approach to exception client services (and to an exceptional life) over years of travel, hospitality, and adventure. After spending some time as an Emirates stewardess, she worked to get her Travel and Tourism Diploma before boldly strutting off into the heat of Dubai and the completely unique, absolutely fascinating world it represents.


Her experiences and engagements with a wide variety of cultures and customs have broadened her view and sharpened her focus, opened her mind and set her on a mission of constant learning. Currently she is in the process of completing her paralegal studies.(She also has a TEFL and Sustainable Fashion course in her repository of knowledge.)


She is driven, believes that service defines experience and, thus, goes far above and beyond.


Always looking forward to her next adventure – living life like “Miranda Priestly by day and Princess Diana by night” - hard work, washed down in the evenings with a GnT or a chilled champagne.